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Shopping in Your Closet

Hello New Wardrobe!

There are multiple “collections” in everyone’s wardrobe and this additional service mixes and matches clothing to become outfits you never knew you had! 


Tina Russek pulls out, reorganizes and creates combinations of tops and pants, suits and dresses in a way that refreshes a wardrobe and reveals what is hiding in your closet. 


You will learn how to layer and wear the right colors and shapes that flatter you the very most!

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How Do I Do the Voodoo I Do?

1. Getting into my client’s closet and creating new outfits is an adventure for me. I pull everything out of your closet; skirts, blouses, pants, dresses, shoes and purses. Everything is on the bed and floor, draped on every chair or flat surface. I have to see what your inventory looks likes and then the magic begins!

2 . After separating all the tops, dresses, pants and accessories I start pulling the “Collections” out to show the client how to mix and match, layer and accessorize! (By-the-way, my clients usually take pictures of the outfits that I pull together and put them on their computer or print them out)

3. This is also an opportunity to EXPAND your wardrobe using different combinations that flatter your body and create an impressive statement about you!

4. After working in the Fashion and Cosmetic Industry for 20 years, I have not only created my own unique look but I have the ability to give my clients their unique and well-put-together look!

5. Another service I offer:  I drape color swatches against your face and hair to determine your color “SEASON”: Warm or Cool / Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn. We find out what colors look best on you and why.

6. I will clean up, clean out and save space; but most of all I want you to look fabulous and completely enjoy what you have!

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Tina Talks About Shopping in Your Closet

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